1. Contact Heart Felt Tips and tell them how many children you have who could each fill a pencil case, (usually one year group or KS).
  2. Heart Felt Tips will then send you the empty pencil cases and locate your local charity or foodbank.
  3. Distribute the pencil cases to your students, usually via class teachers, perhaps just before a weekend or half term.
  4. Write to parents giving them a clear return date.
  5. Emphasise the importance of giving very good, new or nearly new stationery. This might be a good opportunity to talk to the children about respect, recycling and how everyone deserves the best you can offer.  Feel free to use the video from our website to show your children.
  6. Once the full pencil cases have been returned to the class teacher, each pencil case must be checked to make sure it is full of appropriate stationery. If two pencil cases come back half full, make one full one out of the two.
  7. The pencil cases will then need to be delivered to your nominated charity – Heart Felt Tips are on hand to advise who will accept them.
  8. Thank you so much! By helping you have added some brightness to some little lives desperately in need of extra colour.

A Note about Quality Control

Quality is obviously important to Heart Felt Tips and unchecked pencil cases reflect badly on both us and the school.  Please help us by getting both parents and form teachers to check their children’s pencil cases.


The tips on the Heart Felt Tips website ( are great for ALL children. They are designed to show children that with a bit of initiative, they can make things happen. Please feel free to use them with your children.